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Rock N Roll Holy Cow Chain Lube Bottle

Rock N Roll Holy Cow Chain Lube Bottle

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Holy Cow, look how clean that drivetrain is!

Holy Cow is the latest and greatest lube from Rock n Roll. Sitting somewhere in between a wet and a dry lube. It keeps your drivetrain nice and clean and doesn't attract as much grit and grime as most wet lubes can. Any grit that does stick is easily disposed of with a quick wipe with a rag. Keeps chain looking brand-new, "out of the box" clean. Good for all conditions.

Who's this item for: Mountain bikers, commuters, gravel or road riders that like to ride with a wet lube but could live better without all the dirt and grit of a wet lube.

Style of chain lube: Wet lube.

Suitable conditions: This lube can be used for both dry, dusty or wet conditions.


  • Ensure the chain is in the big ring and smallest cog.
  • Apply on the chain at the top of the cog.
  • Since this lube cleans and lubricates at the same time, apply generously!
  • Freewheel the drivetrain for at least five seconds. This forces the dirt and grit to the surface.
  • Shift out of the big ring and wipe the chain thoroughly.
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