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  • Returns Process

    We are no longer accepting returns from our New Zealand website as the site has been shut for over 60 days. If you have an issue with your product hit us up on live chat below or contact us to discuss the problem.

  • Warranty

    If you are unlucky enough to experience a problem or fault that you think may be a warranty claim please hit us up on the live chat below or contact us so we can assess the issue and work out the best way to get you shredding again!

  • Your Gift Card

    Do you have a gift card purchased through MTB Direct NZ? Don’t worry, we will honour these for purchases on MTB Direct AU. Hit us up on live chat below or contact us to get your gift card converted to one that works on the Aussie site.

  • MTB Direct is made up of a small team of mountain bike experts that pride ourselves on providing industry-leading customer service and advice. We have decades of experience in the bike industry across Australia and New Zealand.

    Starting 13th January 2023, all orders to New Zealand will ship from our Australian distribution centre. Unfortunately, some brands cannot be shipped internationally due to dealer agreements, but in most instances, we can now offer a broader product range while still offering exceptional service to customers across NZ.

    Please head to our Australian website to place all future orders.

    Cheers from MTB Direct Team.


    • Account: NZ customers will need to create a new account on the AU site.
    • Currency: Transactions will be processed in AUD.
    • Shipping: Order processing will be faster (all orders before 11am Melbourne time shipped the same day), however, please allow 15 days for delivery.
    • Customs and duties charges: Items of less than NZ $1000  value (approx $920 AUD) do not attract any customs charges or additional duties.
    • Items > than NZ $1000 value: Please check with customs to establish the process and additional costs prior to ordering.
    • More info here: NZ Customs Duty Estimator
    • Range: While we can offer a broader range of products from our AUS site, unfortunately, some brands cannot be shipped to NZ due to international dealer agreements - these will be identified at checkout.
    • Checkout: If you have any issues completing your order please contact our Customer Service team.