Collection: Flat MTB Pedals

Answer 2 questions to see the best Flat Pedals for you!
1. Do you need a Large or Small platform pedal?
2. Would you prefer Alloy or Composite Pedals?
  • Most brands make pedals in one platform size (~100mm wide), Standard, suitable for most people.
  • Some brands make 2-3 sizes, with Small (~90mm wide) suiting smaller feet
  • And Large (~110mm wide) suiting larger feet.
  • If in doubt, choose 'Standard'.
Alloy Pedals
  • Usually thinner than composite pedals.
  • Look amazing
  • Heavier than composite
  • More expensive than composite
  • Made with an aluminium or magnesium alloy.
  • Composite Pedals
  • Lighter than alloy
  • More likely to 'glide' over rocks than catch on them.
  • Thicker than alloy, but just as strong
  • Cheaper than alloy
  • Made with a high-performance composite of nylon and other fibres.
    • This list is of the 'general' colours (green, blue, etc.).
    • Brand specific colour names like "Fruity Twist" are grouped under their actual colour (that one is purple).

    Ride with the freedom to hang your foot out or take quick dabs as often as you need to. Flat pedals are a great choice for downhill, dirt jumping, Enduro racing, and any type of riding where you need to get your feet on and off the pedals in an instant.