Collection: MTB Chains

Answer 3 questions to see the Chains that fit your bike!
1. How many gears does your bike have?
2. Are you using a Shimano 12speed drivetrain?
The number of gears on your bike (If you also have front gears, this number is only the rear gears). You can count the number of cogs on your rear cassette to determine this.
If you are using a Shimano 12 speed drivetrain, a Shimano-specific chain will offer smoother shifting performance. Other 12speed chains can be used, but shifting may not be as smooth or quiet.
Some bikes require an extra long chain (EMTB, high pivot bikes, and bikes with extra long chainstays). When replacing a chain, you must purchase a new chain that is at least as long as your current one (count the links or search the code stamped on the chain).