Collection: Shocks

Answer 3 questions to find the perfect Shocks for your bike!
1. What type of shock mount does your bike have?
3. Are you after an air or coil shock?
Your frame only works with one type of shock mount.
  • Dual Open-Eye Mount - Open eye at either end of the shock.
  • Trunnion Mount - Threaded holes on one end of the shock, and an open eye at the other end.
  • This is not the amount of travel your bike has.
  • Shock size is listed as 'Eye to Eye' length x 'Stroke'.
  • Your bike manual should list the size of your shock, or you can Learn How to Measure Your Shock here.
  • Some frames only work with Air Shocks.
  • Air shocks are easily adjustable and lighter.
  • Coil Shocks are heavier and less adjustable but can be smoother on rough terrain. Personal preference is the biggest factor.
  • Tune the feel of your shock by installing volume spacers or switching out the spring for a different weight. Freshen up the performance of your rear suspension with an air sleeve service kit, or by installing new bushings or shock hardware.