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Answer 3 questions to see the Brake Rotors you need!
1. What mouting type do your wheels use?
2. What size rotors do you want?
3. If your brakes require a thicker rotor, choose it here:
Brake rotors attach to wheels using 6 small bolts (6 Bolt) or using one central lockring (Centrelock). Centrelock wheels can use an adaptor to run 6 Bolt rotors.
Larger rotors provide more power at a heavier weight. Some frames and forks have a maximum or minimum rotor size they can accept. Changing the size of your rotor will require a suitable brake mount. Learn how to choose the right brake mount for a new rotor.
1.8-1.9mm thick rotors will fit any brake caliper. Rotors thicker than 2mm are only compatible with specific brake models. If in doubt, check your old rotors to see if they list a size over 2mm - if not, choose 1.8-1.9mm.

Replace a worn-out brake rotor or upgrade to a larger model with better stopping power and heat dissipation. Choose from a range of sizes in 6-bolt or Centerlock mounting options to suit almost any requirement.

Not sure which brake mount you need to match your rotors? Check out our guide on how to choose the right brake mount.