Collection: MTB Cranks

Answer 4 questions to find the perfect MTB Cranks for your bike!
1. What is the width of your bottom bracket shell?
2. What is the spindle size used by your bottom bracket?
3. What type of chainring do you need to fit?
4. What crank arm length would you like?
This is the width of your frame at the location of the Bottom Bracket (the bottom bracket shell). Most bikes have a BB shell of 68-73mm, and downhill bikes are usually 83mm. Fat bikes can be 100mm wide.
The diameter of the crank axle that passes through the frame needs to match the bottom bracket (BB). Either buy a crank to suit your current BB, or buy a matching BB and cranks at the same time.
Your chainring type must match the fitment of the crank. If you wish to reuse an existing chainring, you'll need to buy a crank with a matching fitment type. Some cranks include a chainring , but others are purchased seperately.
There is no perfect formula for MTB crank length. Shorter cranks are less likely to hit rocks when pedalling, and may be more suited to riders with shorter legs. Longer cranks may feel more comfortable for other riders. Some argue that shorter cranks (170mm and under) are best for most people.