Collection: Chainrings

Answer 5 questions to find the perfect Chainrings for your bike!
1. Do your cranks use a direct mount or bolt-up system?
3. What chainline offset do you need?
4. Round or Oval chainring?
5. If you want a chainring with a specific size, choose it here:
Bolt Up chainrings use 4 or 5 bolts to connect the chainring to a "spider" on the crank body. Direct Mount chainrings use a variety of proprietary systems to attach directly to the crank.
4-Bolt chainrings have their 'BCD' measured by measuring between two opposite bolts. Direct Mount chainrings can be determined by the brand of crank.
This should be suited to your rear hub spacing (Non-Boost 142mm; Boost 148mm; Super Boost 157mm). Some chainrings can suit two spacings by being flipped. Bolt Up chainrings and some direct mount have a "flat" offset where the crank determines the chainline.
Oval Chainrings are claimed to offer increased pedalling effeciency over traditional round rings. However, the pedalling feel of an oval ring is different and may not suit everybody. Not all chainguides can fit oval rings.
A smaller chainring will offer an "easier" gear than a larger ring. Match your chainring size to your fitness, type of riding, and cassette size. Due to the different shape, an oval chainring will result in the same pedalling feel as a slightly larger round ring (i.e. 28t oval = 30t round).