Collection: Cassettes

Answer 3 questions to find the perfect Cassettes for your bike!
1. What freehub type does your rear wheel have?
2. How many gears do you need?
3. If you want, choose the size of your largest gear here:
The cassette must match the freehub type of your rear wheel. Some wheels can have their freehub type swapped to allow the use of different cassettes.
  • If your Cassette has 11 teeth on the smallest cog, it has a Shimano HG freehub.
  • If your Cassette is SRAM and the smallest cog has 10 teeth, it has a SRAM XD freehub.
  • If your cassette is Shimano and has 10 teeth on the smallest cog, it has a Shimano Microspline freehub.
The number of gears that the cassette has. This should match the speed of your shifter & derailleur. Some 9 speed cassettes offer the same gear range as 12 speed with fewer clicks.
A larger cog size results in an easier hill-climbing gear. Some derailleurs have a maximum cog limit (often 36, 42, 46, or 50t) that should be considered before upsizing.