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The most important aspect of mountain bike protection is keeping your head safe. Bombing gravity trails in a full-face helmet, grinding it out on the XC trails in an open-face helmet or heading out for a Gravity Enduro event in a convertible helmet, there's a style for every discipline.

At MTB Direct we stock all the styles from a huge range of popular helmet brands including Fox, Troy Lee Designs, POC, Giro and more.

Need help choosing the right MTB helmet for you? Check out our buyers guide.

Australia's largest range of MTB Helmets

A high quality MTB helmets is right at the top of the list of essential items for any rider. A quality MTB helmet should be comfortable, well ventilated and hopefully good looking, while offering the MTB rider a high lever of protection.

Even at low speed crashes are possible, and occur often when you least expect them. A quality MTB helmet will offer the rider a high level of protection against impacts from all sides and reduce the chances of injury.

MTB direct offers Australia's largest range of dedicated MTB helmets spanning all disciplines and budgets. Get in touch with our team of experts to help find the perfect MTB helmet for you.

Key features of MTB helmets

All Australian MTB helmets pass a rigorous standards certification process ensuring they offer a world leading level of protection. On top of this safety standard and quality MTB helmet should offer great ventilation, a secure yet comfortable fit with no pressure areas and plenty of adjustment to suit various riders. Other features such as an adjustable visor and considerations for goggles and other eyewear are features that any people will look for in their new MTB helmet.

Impact protection

The majority of MTB helmets use some form of closed cell foam designed to disintegrate on impact as the basis for their protective design. MTB helmets designed for more intense use, such as downhill racing and dirt jumping, will also feature a hard shell that offers a further layer of protection in the case of heavy impacts. It is highly recommended that you replace your MTB helmet after one heavy impact, regardless of whether or not you can see visible damage on your MTB helmet.

Ventilation and air flow

All MTB helmets will feature some form of designed ventilation to increase airflow through the inside of the helmet. Depending on the discipline of MTB that the helmet has been designed for this level of ventilation will vary. For example, MTB helmets designed for XC race use will tend to be lighter with substantially more ventilation than MTB helmets designed for dirt jump.

Adjustable fit

With the exclusion of some full face and dirt jump lids, the majority of MTB helmets will feature adjustable fit along at least one plane. Generally MTB will all feature an adjustable internal harness to conform the helmet to the circumference of the riders head. Other, higher end MTB helmets will also feature other forms of internal adjustment such at the ability alter where straps are located and the vertical height of the internal system.

MTB Helmet FAQs

How do I measure my head for my new MTB helmet?

While overall shell shapes of helmets will vary slightly, all helmet sizing is based around the circumference of your head at the widest point. Using a soft tape measure, like those used in sewing, simply measure the circumference of your head and then, using that measurement, use it as reference on the sizing guide of the MTB helmet you're hoping to buy. Keep in mind, in the event that sizing doesn't quiet work out, our team are happy to offer advice and exchange your MTB helmet for one that's a better fit.

Are MTB Helmets suitable for all styles of riding?

From a safety standpoint you can certainly wear any MTB helmet out for a casual trail ride. That said there are some MTB helmets better suited to some forms of riding than others. For example, a full face helmet is likely to warm and bulky for a casual trail ride. Similarly, a basic XC MTB helmet is likely a super bad idea for your first enduro race. Choosing the right MTB helmet for your chosen style of riding can be tricky, but our team of MTB experts are here to help.

Can I wear goggles with my MTB helmet

While it IS possible to wear goggles with the majority of MTB helmets there are certainly a number of helmets that are much better suited to use with goggles than others. These include MTB helmets designed for enduro and downhill use as well as a number of MTB helmets aimed at the serious trail rider.