Collection: Stems

Answer 5 questions to find the perfect Stems for your bike!
1. What type of fork steerer do you have?
2. What is your handlebar clamp size?
4. If you would like a specific rise, choose it here:
  • Most MTB stems slide onto a fork steerer of 1.1/8" diameter before being tightened.
  • Downhill bikes use a stem that mounts directly on top of a downhill-specific fork.
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    Your stem must match the handlebar clamp size. MTB Handlebars come in 31.8mm and 35mm. This should be printed on the bars or can be measured by calipers.
    • 35mm handlebars can be stiffer than 31.8mm while maintaining a similar weight.
    • Buy a stem to match your current bars or purchase new bars & stem at the same time.
  • Shorter stems (>50mm) offer a more direct steering feel and pair well with modern trail and enduro bikes.
  • Longer stems can be used to create a perfect bike fit on XC bikes.
    • Click 'Skip' if you're unsure on exact length
  • Most MTB stems are flat, and rely on the rise of handlebars for fit adjustment.
  • Some stems with a large rise can be used upside down for the same amount of drop - which can help keep body weight directly over the front wheel (loved by some XC racers).
    • This list is of the 'general' colours (green, blue, etc.).
    • Brand specific colour names like "Fruity Twist" are grouped under their actual colour (that one is purple).