Collection: Tubes

Answer 3 questions to find the perfect Tubes for your bike!
1. What valve type do your wheels take?
2. What is your wheel diameter?
  • Most modern MTB use Presta Valves, which are thin with a removable core. (see image)
  • Entry level and older bikes may use schrader valves (the same as car tyres).
  • A schrader valve will not fit a rim designed for presta valves.
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    Tubes are designed to fit specific sized wheels.
  • This diameter can be found printed on your tyre, wheel, or old tube.
  • You can use a different sized tube to get you home in a pich, but it might break.
  • Tubes are designed for a range of tyre widths.
  • Your tyre's width will be printed on the side.
  • Choose a tube that has your tyre's width within its range (i.e. 2.0-2.5" for a 2.3" tyre).