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Thule Spare Me Pro Bike Rack

Thule Spare Me Pro Bike Rack

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If you have a 4WD with a spare wheel mounted to the rear tailgate or even one mounted on a rear bumper, then the Thule Spare Me Pro (963Pro) has to be one of the neatest ways to carry your bikes.

The Thule Spare Me Pro mounts to a thick steel mounting plate that gets installed behind your spare wheel. This heavy-duty hanging style bike rack includes adaptors for standard or oversized tyres and locks to the spare tyre carrier with a keyed lock on the adjustment knob. It can accommodate spare wheels that are mounted on the left or right-hand side of the vehicle as well as those in the centre.

There's plenty of room for 2 large bikes and the large flexible 'Stay-Put' cradles and detachable anti-sway cages hold your bike securely without damage. You can even lock the bikes to the rack with the included cable lock that extends from within the carrier's tubing.

Who's this item for: Owners of 4WDs with spare wheels mounted on the tailgate or rear bumper, looking for a neat way to carry 1 or 2 bikes.

How many bikes does it carry: The Spare Me Pro can carry up to 2 bikes.

How does it carry them: The Spare Me Pro is a hanging rack, meaning the bikes are suspended from two horizontal arms, suspended by the frame and held in place with bike frame cradles and rubber straps. There are detachable anti-sway cages suspended below the cradles that also attach to the bike frame to provide support against swaying.

How much weight can it carry: The maximum permissible load is 32kg.

E-Bike rated: I guess you could carry an e-bike as long as it was located close to the tyre and weighed less than 32kg....

How does it mount to the car: A thick plate is mounted between the spare tyre carrier and spare wheel to which the Spare Me Pro attaches and locks. There is an adaptor for standard or oversized tyres.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: As long as your spare wheel currently swings or tilts, this bike carrier will too.

What size bikes (wheel base) can it carry: Any, although if you have a left or right-side mounted spare wheel, you may have to be a little careful how much of your bike sticks out the side of your vehicle.

What is the max tyre size: Any, as long as they don't touch the ground, or get too close to the exhaust. Did you know that a car's exhaust can get hot enough to pop a bike tyre?

How much does it weigh / dimensions: The Spare Me Pro weighs 7kg and is 400mm W x 470mm D x 978mm H

Does it fold up for storage: The two support arms fold down making this carrier ideal for leaving on the vehicle.

Does it include a lock: There is a cable lock that extends from within the carrier's tubing to secure your bikes to the rack and the bike carrier locks to the spare tyre carrier with a keyed lock on the adjustment knob

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder / brake / reverse lights: It does not, but on some vehicles the bikes may be carrier in a manner that may not obscure sight lines to the lights. You may need to consider a number plate holder or a bike rack number plate.

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