Collection: Car Racks

Answer 2 questions to see the best Racks for your car!
2. How many bikes do you need to fit?
Choose which type of mounting type is suitable for your vehicle.
  • Roof Racks: Attaches to all modern roof racks. It can be hard to lift bikes onto the roof of vehicles. Be careful not to drive into your garage with the bike on the roof!
  • Hitch - 32mm & 50mm: Requires a towing hitch on your car. Measure the width of the square to confirm which size. This is more secure than a towball mount, but not as convenient to mount and remove regularly. Ususally does not work with spare tyres on the back.
  • Towball: Requires a towball on your vehicle. Convenient if you remove and install your rack regularly. Not as secure as a hitch mount. Ususally does not work with spare tyres on the back.
  • Spare Tyre: Fits on 4WDs with a spare tyre on the back that would block towball or hitch mounts.
  • Tailgate Pad: Fits utes with bucket trays. Super quick to put bikes on and off (great for shuttles). No security against bike theft.
  • Trunk: Fits some cars that don't have any other mounting options. Not as secure or convenient as the other options, but a good "last resort" before having to put the bikes inside the car.
  • Rack - Add On: These allow you to add an additional bike to specific racks.
  • Choose the maximum number of bikes you would like to fit.
  • Some mounting options fit fewer bikes than others.
  • Roof Racks usually fit 1 bike per rack, but you can fit 2-3 racks per roof.