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Thule Outway Platform Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Thule Outway Platform Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

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The Platform 2 is a unique trunk-mount bike rack from the Thule OutWay family that offers platform bike mounting to get your bikes up and out of harm's way and keeps the rear lights and number plate of your vehicle visible. With care, this rack could even be used in conjunction with a trailer for those truly epic adventures.

The OutWay Platform 2 is quick and easy to mount to your vehicle and once installed, holds on tight to provide a secure and stable way to carry your bikes but is then easily removed and packed down for convenient storage. The platform mounting system supports your bike by the tyres and secure straps with rubber covers protect your valuable rims.  Each bike is provided with a rubber-lined support arm to hold the bike upright and prevent sway.

The Thule OutWay won't fit every car. Be sure to check out the Thule Buyers Guide in the 'Links & More Info' tab above to see if your car is suitable.

Who's this item for: Riders wanting a way to attach 2 bikes up high on the rear of their vehicle that leaves the rear lights and number plate visible.

How many bikes does it carry: The Thule OutWay Platfom 2 carries, you guessed it, 2 bikes.

How does it carry them: This is a platform rack that supports the bike by the tyres. The wide tyre cups can handle tyres up to 3" wide and the ratcheting wheel straps pull the bike down into the platform while a pair of support arms provide a rubber-lined clamp, that accommodates up to an 80mm frame diameter, to securely hold your bike upright and prevent sway.

How much weight can it carry: The OutWay Platform 2 can hold 30kg in total.

E-Bike rated: The maximum permissible weight per bike is 15kg.

How does it mount to the car: Two support feet are placed against the tailgate/boot while hooks at the base of the two main support arms grab the bottom lip of the tailgate/boot and two steel cables, attached to the top of the tailgate/boot, pull it all together forming a solid assembly. Thule AcuTight torque limiter lets you know when your steel cables are just the right tension by 'clicking' to indicate the desired torque has been reached.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: The tailgate/boot can be opened when no bikes are attached to the bike rack.

What size bikes (wheelbase) can it carry: The maximum wheelbase it can accommodate is 1270mm.

What is the max tyre size: The maximum tyre size the Platform 2 can handle is 29 x 3"

How much does it weigh / dimensions: 12.5kg 590 x 1270 x 1200

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the tyre cups fold inwards and the platform then folds up to lay flat in line with the two main support arms and the platform upright support.

Does it include a lock: Yes, the included locks allow you to lock the bikes to the rack and the rack to the car.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder / brake / reverse lights: Not required. The rear lights and number plate of your vehicle are visible.

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