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Fox Fork Top Cap Socket Tool

Fox Fork Top Cap Socket Tool

Suits 2018 Forks
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Using adjustable wrenches and standard chamfered sockets usually lead to one thing, mangled top caps.

Thankfully, Fox has released their own top cap sockets. These chamfer-less sockets are compatible with 3/8" drive wrenches and allow you to remove the top cap with ease and torque it back up to spec when you're done.

If you do regular fork service or have mangled a top cap, then you know how important these sockets are. Available in different sizes depending on your fork.



  • Air Side: Float 32, Float 34 (2016+)
  • Damper Side: Float 32, Float 34, Float 36 FIT4 3-Pos, all CTD cartridges
  • MPN: 398-00-702


  • Air Side: Float 34 (2012-2015)
  • Damper Side: Float 34 (2012-2015), all LSC cartridges
  • MPN: 398-00-707


  • Air Side: Float 36, Float 38. Float 40
  • Damper Side: All HSC/LSC (RC2) cartridges
  • MPN: 398-00-706


  • 6 point chamferless interface
  • Knurled for finger grip
  • 3/8" drive
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