Top 10 MTB Customisations For Less than $70

Top 10 MTB Customisations For Less than $70

The only thing more enjoyable than riding your bike, is making it look rad! Whether you like going full stealth, mild amounts of matching poppy colours, or overboard awesomeness, take a look at some of our suggestions, and let us know what you think!

Valve Caps

Super simple, literally no mechanic expertise required, but wow they look good! Stick with black for that stealth approach, or throw some matching, or ridiculous colours on there, and you’re laughing! Weight weenies beware, they do add about 3/8ths of absolutely no weight to your bike. Deity and Granite have some great options.

Headset Spacers

Probably one of the coolest, but also one of the most cost effective ways to get some bling on your rig. These things not only make sure you have the perfect amount of spacers above and below your stem with their variety of different sizes, but they also look absolutely sick. Wolf Tooth and Burgtec offer some fantastic anodised colourways.

Seat Clamp

Coloured, stealthy, bolt up, or quick release, a new seat clamp to bling out your bike is always a great idea. If you can match that to the same colour as your headset spacers, that’s some next level colour co-ordination and guaranteed to make your bike 11.6% cooler, and faster! This matching Wolf Tooth one looks great, and it matches the Wolf Tooth spacers up front.


Definitely the most obvious customisation option, but for good reason, they can look great. Whether you want to rep your favourite bike shop, your favourite brand, or something else entirely, stickers are always a great option.

Custom shock and fork stickers or frame decals are another way to make your bike look super pro and custom.


Mudguards are not only super helpful to keep crud out of your face and off your bike, they can also aid in making your bike look that much cooler. There are plenty of super great options from brands such as the Aussie dudes at Dirtsurfer, but check out this completely custom engraved one that staff member, Jacobs’ partner made for him.

Frame Protection

Sticking with the protection theme, frame protection stickers are awesome at warding off paint chips and minor dings from flying stones and other debris. Most brands also come with some sweet designs too! Check out the simple clear, or wicked arrays of patterns from All Mountain Style.

Tube Straps

Don’t get caught up on the hill without a spare tube, that’s an embarrassing walk back! Strap a tube to your frame and carry a means of pumping it up. And while you’re at it, you may as well grab a cool colour or pattern to compliment the rest of your bike! Back Country Research and Granite Designs have some great options.


Coloured anodised, or just plain black, aftermarket axles are a subtle way for your bike to stand out from the crowd. These options for fork axles from OneUp and Wolf Tooth are not only way cooler looking, but they’re actually lighter, and cheaper than the OEM axles that come on the forks! Fork options are pretty easy to figure out what fits, but rear axles can be a bit complex, hit us up in the live chat or via email if you’re struggling there.

Crank Boots

Keep your cranks fresh, reduce the impact from rock strikes, and add that bit of pop to your bike with a set of crank boots. There are plenty of colours and options from All Mountain Style and Raceface, but not all cranks can fit a set of boots. Drop us a line in the live chat if you’re not sure what style will suit your cranks, we’ve got some cheeky tips for fitment on most cranks!


So there we go, those are our top 10 MTB customisation suggestions to get your bike looking as best it can be. Do you agree? Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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