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Yakima StageTwo Hitch Bike Platform Rack

Yakima StageTwo Hitch Bike Platform Rack

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p>The StageTwo from Yakima is a 2-bike platform style carrier suitable for E-bikes up to 27kg each and rated for off-road use for bikes up to 16kg each. If 2 bikes is not enough, it can be upgraded to 4-bikes with the StageTwo Plus 2 Add-On.

The StageTwo uses a design that provides an upwards trajectory of the main support arm that extends from your vehicle's 2" square receiver, affording you a little more ground clearance. This design also provides both horizontal and vertical offset to the bikes on the carrier which provides even better bike separation and lowers the possibility of contact between the bikes.

You can fit tyres up to 29" x 3.25" wide out of the box, making the StageTwo compatible with almost all mountain bikes and E-MTB, but if that's not enough there is a separate kit available that allows up to 5" tyres, which you can purchase seperately.

The StageTwo tilts away from the vehicle to give you access to your boot or hatch, and the integrated locks lock your bikes to the carrier and the carrier to the car.

Who's this item for: All riders of almost all bikes, with a vehicle that accepts a 2" square hitch, who have 2 bikes to carry up to 27kg each or 16kg for off-road use.

How many bikes does it carry: 2 bikes out of the box, 4 bikes with the StageTwo Plus 2 Add-On.

How does it carry them: The StageTwo is a platform rack and it supports the bikes by their wheels rather than the frame, which is good news for carbon bike owners. Yakima's StrongArm wheel hook pulls the front wheel securely into a large wheel chock to hold the bike upright as well as prevent the bike from moving fore and aft, while a ratcheting rear-wheel strap keeps the rear of the bike in place.

How much weight can it carry: The StageTwo is rated to carry 2 bikes, up to 27kg each, in regular terrain and rated for off-road use for bikes up to 16kg each. Maximum bike weights for the 2-bike add-on are not the same as the standard rack.

E-Bike rated: Yes, the StageTwo is a great candidate for those with E-Bikes up to 27kg each.

How does it mount to the car: The StageTwo is designed for use on vehicles with a 2" square receiver hitch. It simply slides into your 2" receiver and locks into place with a cleverly tethered pin (so you'll never leave it behind) and an expansion device removes any play between the carrier and hitch and locks the carrier to the vehicle.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: Yes, you can tilt the carrier to allow access to a hatch or boot. It doesn't tilt enough for side-hinged rear doors though, only top-hinged or swing-up rear doors.

What size bikes (wheelbase) can it carry: Suitable for bikes up to 1320mm wheelbase (that's BIG).

What is the max tyre size: Up to 29" x 3.25" tyres fit standard but you can upgrade to a 5" wide tyre with an optional StageTwo Fat Bike Kit.

How much does it weigh: The Yakima is no weight weenie at just under 30kg. But it's strong and one of the only bike racks specifically rated for off-road use.

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the StrongArm wheel hooks fold down onto the platform and the platform folds up towards the car. This obviously also makes it a little smaller to store in the garage when you're not using it.

Does it include a lock: Yes, there is a lock on the SpeedKnob to lock the carrier to the vehicle and cable locks for the two bikes as well as a larger loop on top of the carrier for looping or attaching a chain.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder/brake/reverse lights: It does not.

Optional extras: Capacity can be increased to 4 bikes with the StageTwo Plus 2 add-on. You can also upgrade to a 5" wheel carrying capacity with the StageTwo Fat Bike Kit.

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