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Wolf Tooth ReMount Remote Dropper Adapter

Wolf Tooth ReMount Remote Dropper Adapter

Mounting Type:
Shimano I-Spec A - Shimano I-Spec B
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Despite all the great dropper posts available, some remotes are still uncomfortable and awkward to use. The ReMount is a simple part that allows you to reposition your remote to your liking.

Constructed from durable Delrin, this mount is designed to prevent expensive damage in crashes. Available in different models to pair with your brakes.


  • For use with cable actuated droppers whose lever pivots parallel to bars (see pictures).
  • 30mm for the best positioning.
  • 20g.
  • Constructed from Delrin. Helps prevent further damage in crashes.
  • Available in SRAM Match Maker, Shimano IS-AB and IS-II, and your standard bar clamp.

Please note: This product should only be used with 1x drivetrains. This will position your remote to where your front shifter would be.


  1. Remove your stock remote.
  2. Remove M4 screw from ReMount and fit over bar. Screw should face rider. Friction/assembly paste is recommended.
  3. Grease ReMount screw.
  4. Reinstall M4 screw. Tighten until it stays in place.
  5. Install remote on the ReMount and tighten hardware. Do not overtighten.
  6. Position ReMote until it is in a comfortable position.
  7. Tighten ReMount M4 screw to 3-4Nm.
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