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Vorsprung Secus Fox 40 Piston

Vorsprung Secus Fox 40 Piston

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The Vorsprung Secus Footstud Assemblies allow you to adapt an existing Secus Fork Air Spring Upgrade to a different fork.

The kits provide all the necessary fitment parts for the specified fork. Check the compatibility chart in the images to see which kit fits your fork.

Fox 40 Piston

  • The Fox 40 piston comes in the Fox A3 kit but if you're moving your Secus from a 2018+ Fox 32,34 or 36 to a 2018+ Fox 40 you only really need this piston.
  • Don't forget your Installation tool - TLAP40 - Designed for installing the Fox 40 air piston for installing a Secus to a 2018+ Fox 40
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