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Thule Helium 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Platform Rack

Thule Helium 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Platform Rack

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If you're looking for a rack that is quick and easy to load and holds the bikes securely without frame contact, then read on.

The Helium Platform XT from Thule is a stylish platform rack suitable for use with E-Bikes that secures to your vehicle using the 32mm or 50mm square receiver and an integrated locking device that also removes play, which Thule calls "SnugTite".

The lightweight alloy platform rack uses ratcheting wheel hoops at each end to both centre the bikes and hold them upright, whilst simultaneously preventing them from rolling forward or backward.

With built-in locks to lock the carrier to the car and bikes to the carrier and an easy to use tilt function giving you access to the rear of your vehicle even while loaded, the Helium Platform XT is a feature-packed carrier for those with 2 bikes up to 41kg to carry.

Who's this item for: Vehicle owners that want a stylish and feature-packed 2-bike carrier that is easy to load, carries bikes securely with no frame contact, and securely mounts to the 32mm or 50mm square receiver on their vehicle.

How many bikes does it carry: The Helium Platform XT carrier 2 bikes.

How does it carry them: It's a platform rack, so it supports the bikes by their wheels. The Helium Platform XT differs from other platform racks because it uses dual ratcheting wheel hoops for each bike that simultaneously hold the bikes upright and prevent them from moving fore and aft.

How much weight can it carry: The Helium Platform XT can carry up to 41kg.

E-Bike rated: Sure, as long as you don't exceed the 41kg maximum.

How does it mount to the car: The Helium Platform XT inserts into your 32mm or 50mm square receiver. The SnugTite system takes out any play and the carrier can be key-locked to the vehicle.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: The integrated HitchSwitch allows the platform to tilt while loaded, giving you access to the rear of the vehicle.

What size bikes (wheelbase) can it carry: Maximum recommended wheelbase is 1320mm which is HUGE.

What is the max tyre size: Up to 29" x 3" wide.

How much does it weigh / dimensions: It weighs 19.6kg and is 1520mm W x 650mm D x 300mm H (folded)

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the wheel hoops quickly and easily fold flat and the HitchSwitch allows the platform to fold towards the vehicle when not in use. This also makes it a little more compact for storage, although the hitch sticks out a little.

Does it include a lock: Yes, locks to secure the carrier to the vehicle and to secure each bike to the carrier, are included.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder/brake/reverse lights: It does not.

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