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Thule Freeway 3 Bike Truck Mounted Rack

Thule Freeway 3 Bike Truck Mounted Rack

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No Towbar? No Problem!

The compact and lightweight Thule FreeWay is a Trunk/Boot/Hatch mounted hanging bike carrier that is simple and functional, providing a secure way to carry 3 bikes on the back of a vehicle with no tow bar.

The lower frame is designed to rest on your bumper while the upper frame rests on the top of the trunk of sedan models, or the window of your hatch. Sturdy cam-buckle straps and rubber-coated hooks then attach to the trunk or hatch door to pull the carrier tightly to prevent movement. All contact points with the vehicle are rubber for extra protection.

The Thule FreeWay won't fit every car. Be sure to check out the Thule Buyers Guide in the 'Links & More Info' tab above to see if your car is suitable.

Who's this item for: Any riders wanting a quick and convenient way to attach 3 bikes of various types to the rear of their vehicle without a towbar that is easy to remove when not required.

How many bikes does it carry: The FreeWay carries up to 3 bikes.

How does it carry them: The FreeWay is a hanging rack that provides two arms that support the bike by the frame in a hanging fashion. Some bikes are supported by the top tube, others by the downtube behind the fork or the seat tube/seat stay intersection. It all depends on your bike and the combination of bikes you are loading. The Thule Bike Frame Adapter can help if you have an unusual shaped frame or step-through bike.

How much weight can it carry: The 3 bike FreeWay can hold 45kg

E-Bike rated: The maximum permissible weight per bike is 15kg.

How does it mount to the car: Two support feet are placed on the bumper and another two feet on top of the trunk (sedan models) or against the rear window (hatch models) while hooks grab the lip of the tailgate/boot at the top and at the sides and four cam-buckle straps, pull it all together forming a solid assembly.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: The tailgate/boot can be opened when no bikes are attached to the bike rack.

What size bikes (wheelbase) can it carry: Because it's a hanging rack, the FreeWay can accommodate bikes of any wheelbase (within reason)

What is the max tyre size: Due to the nature of a hanging rack, tyre size and width won't affect your bike fitting on this rack.

How much does it weigh / dimensions: 5.1kg 560 W x 820 D x 780 H mm

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the two bike arms fold down flat to align with the main support arms

Does it include a lock: There are no included locks.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder / brake / reverse lights: Not included with the FreeWay.

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