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Thule Apex XT 4 Bike Swinging Hitch Mount Rack

Thule Apex XT 4 Bike Swinging Hitch Mount Rack

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With a host of innovative features, it's worth taking a closer look at the Thule Apex XT 4-bike swinging carrier to find out why this carrier might just be right for you.

Designed to fit inside 2" square receivers with a tool-free, play-free device Thule calls "SnugTite" and an integrated locking mechanism, the Apex XT is a heavy-duty 4-bike carrier with a 68kg maximum weight rating. The hanging style carrier features compact cradles that can accommodate a wide variety of bike sizes and frame styles with excellent bike stability thanks to an integrated anti-sway bracket that prevents bike to bike contact and ‘disappears’ within the cradle when not needed.

With 7” of spacing between each bike, ratcheting cradle straps, an integrated cable lock, and arms that easily fold-down when not in use, you'd think this was a pretty sweet 4-bike carrier.... 

Then you pull the pin and effortlessly swing away the entire carrier, fully loaded with 4-bikes, and get your bike gear from the boot. Now THAT is a sweet bike carrier.

Who's this item for: Owners of vehicles with a 2" receiver hitch wanting a 4-bike carrier that doesn't inhibit access to the rear of the vehicle.

How many bikes does it carry: The Thule Apex XT carries 4-bikes.

How does it carry them: As a hanging rack, the Thule Apex XT suspends the bikes from two arms, with the bikes placed over the arms and secured with ratcheting straps to cushioned cradles. The cradles on the Apex XT feature drop-down anti-sway brackets that attach to your seat tube to prevent the bike from swaying. The beauty of hanging racks is that there are no limits on tyre size or width and they can usually accommodate a variety of bike frames and sizes.

How much weight can it carry: The Apex XT has a maximum load capacity of 68 kg with a maximum of 17kg for any individual bike.

E-Bike rated: The individual bike's max weight of 17kg makes it a little hard.

How does it mount to the car: The Thule Apex XT inserts into your 2" square receiver and locks into place with a mechanism that removes any play and securely locks the rack to the car.

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: The Thule Apex XT swings wide when fully loaded to give you total access to the rear of your vehicle.

What size bikes (wheel base) can it carry: Hanging racks like the Apex XT are not limited by wheel size or width, nor are they subject to a bike's wheelbase, although there are requirements that limit the amount a bike can stick out from the side of your car so if you have a really long bike, it might be worth checking that out.

What is the max tyre size: The rack itself has no limit to the bike tyre size it can carry. Your only limit will be the ground!

How much does it weigh / dimensions: At 19kg, it's not super light, but the weight is worth it for the swing-out feature. 1070mm D x 280mm W x 1020mm H

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the hanging arms fold down against the main upright when not in use. The hitch mount sticks out a bit making it a little bulky but the beauty of this rack is that you can just leave it on the car.

Does it include a lock: Yes. There is a lock to secure the carrier to the vehicle and an integrated cable lock to secure the bikes to the rack.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder / brake / reverse lights: It does not.

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