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SwissStop Disc 15 Shimano Deore Disc Brake Pad

SwissStop Disc 15 Shimano Deore Disc Brake Pad

Pad Compound:
Disc E Endurance
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The Disc 15 Shimano Deore disc brake pads are high performance brake pads from SwissStop. They fit a large range of brakes and are available in 2 different compounds:

The Resin-Organic compound is a high performance compound made from a Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass, and resin composite material. It is designed for maximum braking power with less effort required at the brake lever. The performance is great in both wet and dry conditions and they have excellent pad life.

The Disc E Endurance compound was designed specifically with heavier E-bikes in mind. Its a long lasting compound that is able to withstand high temperatures from consistent heavy braking. It offers excellent modulation and is low noise and rotor friendly. It is also a great choice for heavier DH bikes.

Who's this item for: Riders after quality replacement pads for brakes taking Shimano B or G type pads.

Pad Material: Available in Disc-E endurance or Resin Organic.

Backing plate material: They feature a steel backing plate.

Brake caliper compatibility: Compatible with a large range of brakes:

  • Deore BR-M575,BR-M525,BR-M515,BR-T615
  • LX BR-T675
  • Alivio BR-M4050
  • Acera BR-M3050
  • Altus BR-M375,BR-M365,BR-M315
  • BR-M506
  • BR-M505
  • BR-MT500
  • BR-M495
  • BR-M486
  • BR-M485
  • BR-M475
  • BR-M465
  • BR-M447
  • BR-M446
  • BR-M445
  • BR-M416
  • BR-M415
  • BR-MT400
  • BR-M395
  • BR-M355
  • Hylex
  • HY/RD
  • Spyre SLC
  • Spyre
  • Spyke
  • Dash Sport
  • Orion SL HD-M740
  • Orion HD-M730,HD-M725
  • Gemini SL HD-M520 / M521
  • Gemini HD-M500 / M501,HD-M510
  • Draco2 HD-M352
  • HDC330 HD-M330
  • Auriga HD-M290 / M291,HD-T530,HD-T525,HD-E530,HD-E525,HD-E520,HD-E500
  • Aquila MD-M500
  • Aries MD-M300
  • MD-M280
  • Mira MD-C400
  • Volans HD-T710
  • Vela HD-T290
  • Dorado HD-E715
  • Disc Brake
Stand out features: E-bike specific compound which offers long lasting performance under sustained heavy braking.

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Set of Brake Pads
  • 1 x High quality retainer spring.
Pros: Excellent performance and compound options for different uses.

Cons: Some riders might prefer using genuine replacement parts.
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