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Spank Spike Flat Pedals

Spank Spike Flat Pedals

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Spank Spike Pedals set themselves apart by being ultra-thin, strong pedals designed to withstand rough conditions and impacts with rocks and other obstacles.

The Spank Spike is the perfect lightweight addition to your downhill or all-mountain rig, with 20 adjustable pins per pedal (16 hex head pins and 4 grub screw pins) to keep your feet in place, no matter what terrain you encounter.

The Spike's are constructed from a cold-forged alloy pedal body, with a hollow taper scandium enriched steel axle and spinning on a sealed outboard IGUS bushing. What does all this mean? The cold forging process means a better strength-to-weight ratio in the alloy, and axle is heat-treated for strength and stiffness. The IGUS bushing and inboard sealed bearing is what allows the pedal to be so thin (as these are accommodated by the flare in the pedal body close to the crank arm).

At just 12mm in depth (excluding pin height), these are a very slim set of pedals. The Spike's feature chamfered edges (leading edges and sides) to improve clearance and reduce the impact of those inevitable pedal strikes. The oversized cartridge bearing near the crank arm and bushing on the end of the spindle enabled Spank to create a long-lasting design while still providing a large 100x100mm platform for you to stomp on. 

Who's this item for: The Spike is designed to take the abuse of Downhill, Freeride, and Enduro racing on the gnarliest of trails. The pedals have reinforced frontal impact areas so if your riding style sees you doing a lot of big jumps, drops, and frequent impacts with rocks and other obstacles, Spike pedals are recommended for you. 

Dimensions and Weight: 100x100mm platform, 12mm thick, ~420g per set.

Bearings: Full complement industrial sealed bearing, IGUS bushing

Pin Quantity: 20 steel pins per pedal.

Materials: Chromoly industrial-grade steel axles, Forged MGR alloy body, Shotpeened anodised finish.

Pros: Large platform and 20 steel pins for grip. Reinforced impact areas and chamfered leading edges help them to deflect trail obstacles while giving them the strength to deal with rock strikes when they inevitably occur.

Cons: The inner bearing near the crank arm is pretty huge and may cause interference with some crank boots. It’s suggested to source boots with pedal holes no less than 27mm in diameter. If you can't find any with a large enough hole you can cut it larger to fit. Obviously, the warranty for the booty will no longer apply after this though.

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