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Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore Alloy Bars

Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore Alloy Bars

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Handlebar Clamp Diameter
Spank has taken alloy handlebar tech to the next level with Vibrocore. It all starts with a super high-quality Zirconium Doped 7-series alloy that is shaped to perfection with their Dual XGT double butting process. Essentially, this makes the bars thicker for maximum strength where it's needed and reduces the thickness in other areas to save on weight. The bars are then injected with Spank's fancy Vibrocore foam which uses the power of science to greatly reduce the harmful vibrations felt through the bar while also increasing overall bar stiffness and fatigue life. 

These are pretty huge bars at 820mm wide but they have handy trim marks to enable you to trim them down to a minimum 760mm width or anything else in-between

Who's this item for: DH, Enduro, and Gravity riders looking to reduce the pain and discomfort that harsh vibrations through the bars can cause.           
Material: Dual butted Extreme Gradual Taper (XGT) Zirconium doped 7-series alloy injected with Vibrocore to take the buzz out of the bars.
Width: 820mm of tree clipping width. Can trim up to 30mm off each end to bring them down to 760mm if you'd prefer.      
Sweep: 5° Up, 8° Back.   
Rise: 25mm rise            
Markings: Centre alignment, cut marks to trim up to 30mm off each end.
Clamping diameter/bore: 35mm
Weight: Approx 300 grams           
Pros: Vibrocore injection to reduce arm pump and hand numbness.            
Cons: 820mm is super wide so unless your name is Andre the Giant you'll probably need to trim a decent amount off these bars.           
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