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Shimano RT-EM910 eBike Centerlock Internal Serration Disc Brake Rotor

Shimano RT-EM910 eBike Centerlock Internal Serration Disc Brake Rotor

Rotor Mounting:
Standard - 1.8mm to 1.9mm
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The Shimano RT-EM910 eBike Centerlock Internal Serration Disc Brake Rotor is a super high performing eMTB rotor that is purposely made to work with Shimano's STEPS System. They deliver very powerful and consistent braking performance in all riding conditions by using 'Shimano's Ice-Technologies Freeza' feature that greatly improves heat dissipation. This ensures consistent, fade-free performance braking even on the steepest and longest downhill stretches. They even have a cleverly placed Speed Sensor Magnet to trigger the STEPS system so you can be sure to have accurate data one your STEPS display.

Who's this item for: Anyone after a super high performing rotor with a Shimano STEPS setup on their eMTB that also has centrelock hubs.

Mounting standard: Shimano Centerlock.

Materials: Stainless steel and aluminium.

Brake pad compatibility: You can use either metal (sintered) or resin (organic) brake pads on these rotors.

Stand out features: The 'stainless steel - aluminium - stainless steel' floating rotor construction dissipates heat very well. In intensive tests the 203 and 180mm discs have seen improvements of heat dissipation of up to 20C over the previous Ice Technologies Freeza discs. They also feature a clean and sleek STEPS magnet which will trigger the Speed Sensor Sytem on equipped eMTB's

Recommended Brake kit:
Shimano - M9120/M8120

What's in the box: One Shimano RT-EM910 brake rotor and an lock ring.

Pros: A lightweight, high end rotor that offers consistent braking performance with excellent heat dissipation. Shimano Steps eBike specific rotor to ensure accurate data.

Cons: Not compatible with 6-bolt hubs. If you don't have Centerlock hubs you can't run these rotors.
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