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Rockshox Reverb C1 Stealth Dropper Seat Post

Rockshox Reverb C1 Stealth Dropper Seat Post

Cable Routing:
Internal - Stealth
Included Remote Type:
1x Remote - 22.2mm Bar Clamp
Included Remote Type:
1x Remote - SRAM MatchMaker X
Length of Drop:
150mm Drop
Total Post Length:
414mm Length
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The latest and greatest edition of the acclaimed Rockshox Reverb (ignoring that fancy AXS stuff). It features updated internals to be more reliable than ever and provides effortless actuation with less force required to drop it. Not only that but it is now available in more travel lengths with 175mm and 200mm options and features a shorter overall post length to fit more bikes. Winning!

To keep servicing to a minimum it includes Vent Valve technology. Over time (and use) air and oil may mix resulting in that uncomfortable squish in your post. Instead of having to disassemble your post, all you need to do is depress the valve, compress the post, reset it and keep on riding. It's easily the best (non-wireless) Reverb ever.

Who's this item for: Riders after the most reliable Reverb ever that don't need the added bonus of wireless actuation.

Actuation style: As with all non-electronic Reverbs, it features a hydraulic lever.

Spring style: Uses an air spring design.

Infinite or finite adjustments: You can use the Reverb anywhere in its stroke which allows for infinite adjustment to suit your ride.

Internal or externally routed: This is an internally routed (stealth) dropper post.

Lever included: Yes, it comes with either a 1x Lever or a Plunger style remote.

Lever mounting options: Can be mounted to your compatible brakes with the MMX clamp or to your bar with the included 22.2mm Discrete clamp.

Includes cable / housing / battery: Yes, includes the hydraulic line required to set up the lever. The Connectamajig technology allows for easy installation without the need for a bleed.

Saddle clamp style: Features a 2 Bolt saddle clamp.

Weight: Approximately 650g.

Stand out features: The C1 features a new internal floating piston for less friction which means easier actuation and less effort to drop it. The return speed can be adjusted by rotating the collar on the remote and the Vent Valve means it's simple to fix the dreaded squish of earlier posts.

What's in the box:

  • 1 x RockShox Reverb C1 Stealth Dropper Seat Post.
  • 1 x Lever of your choice.
  • 1 x Connectamajig Hydraulic coupling hose.

Pros: It's the most reliable and easy to service Reverb available. It comes in a huge 200mm drop and has a shorter overall length to fit more bikes.

Cons: Hydraulic actuated levers will still require a bleed from time to time which may be daunting for some riders.

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