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Park PRS-22.2 Team Repair Stand

Park PRS-22.2 Team Repair Stand

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You know when you're wrenching as hard as you can on a tight bottom bracket, crank arm, or pivot bolt, and your stand just wobbles out of the way and you loose all that force? It's frustrating right?  So then you've got to move your stand around so that the bike can't move around, but it's still awkward.
Well no longer!  The PRS-2.2 is quite possibly the most stable repair stand around, so elaborate stabilising contraptions are now a thing of the past.

Who's it for?  People needing a stand where there bike won't move around while they're working on it.  It was made for mechanics on the World Tour, so will suit professional use better, but if you work on your own bike a lot, then it will be a great addition to the home workshop.

Freestanding or mounted:  This is a free standing workstand, with three legs.

Bike mount style:  The front of the stand clamps standard QR, 12x100, 15x100 and 15x110mm Boost forks.  The rear rests on the BB shell and is strapped down to limit movement.  It is safe for even the most delicate carbon frames.

Weight capacity:  27kg capacity, so it will take even most e-bikes.  Above 20kg, the bike's weight needs to be pretty well over the centre.

Height range:  The stand is able to adjust from 76cm to 114cm.

Materials:  Anodised 6063, T6 aluminium alloy and composites.

Foldable:  Easily foldable, and transportable.

Other features:  360 degree, silky smooth rotation when the clamps are undone.  Main beam is adjustable fore and aft to centralise the bikes mass.  Compatible with the Park 106 Work Tray and PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder.

Pros:  As stable a stand as you'll ever use.

Cons:  A bit more complicated than your typical seat clamp style rack.
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