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OneUp Components Aluminium Pedals - Blue

OneUp Components Aluminium Pedals - Blue

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OneUp doesn't cut any corners when they design a new product and their Aluminium Pedals are no exception! The Aluminium Pedals bring together everything you need to make these the best possible pedals for all types of riding. Quality materials, solid construction, good platform size, good pin height. With 4 double sealed cartridge bearings (per pedal) spinning on a Chromoly steel axle these pedals will last you many an adventure.

Who's this item for: Flat pedal riders who are after a seriously great performing top-quality pedal.


  • SRAM carbon cranks: Due to the deep counterbore of these crank arms, OneUp Alloy pedals are not compatible with SRAM carbon cranks.
  • Crank boots: OneUp Alloy pedals are not compatible with protective crank boots. OneUp recommends removing crank boots before installation.

Dimensions and Weight: The platform measures 115 x 105mm. It's a micro-thin 8.3mm thick at the leading edge and only 12mm at the thickest part of the pedal. The slightly convex profile weighs in at a meagre 355-grams.

Bearings: With 4 of them per pedal these double sealed, cartridge bearings will keep your OneUp Aluminium Pedals spinning on, and on, and on, and on, and on... And one day, when they eventually start feeling a bit average the unique cassette tool lock ring system makes re-greasing the bearings exceptionally fast and easy.

Pin Quantity: 10 per side, 20 per pedal, 40 in total. (MATHS!!) The replaceable pins are rear loading as well so they are easier to change out in the future.

Materials: The body of the pedal is made from 6061-T6 Aluminium and offered in lots of nice colours. While the axles are made from Chromoly steel.

Pros: Great shape, lightweight, rear-loading- replaceable pedal pins, 4 cartridge bearings per pedal, colour choice!!?!? What's not to love here?

Cons: Some people are after absolutely life-altering, crazy tall pin height when it comes to flat pedals. While these have tall (enough) pins, they aren't mega tall pins.

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