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Michelin E-Wild Rear Tyre

Michelin E-Wild Rear Tyre

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The Michelin E-Wild feature the much-loved tread pattern from Michelins Enduro range, but with more durability to suit the demands of Ebikes. The E-Gum-X compound features a mixture of rubbers designed for optimal grip and longevity. The Gravity Shield technology means they are durable enough to take on even the gnarliest trails.

Who's this item for: Designed for use with Ebikes but could also be used by Enduro riders after tyres with excellent grip and durability. This rear-specific tyre is more robust than its front specific counterpart and built to handle the extra pedal-torque from Ebikes.

Suggested terrain use: The E-Wild are designed to be used on hard/dry to mixed/soft or anything in between. The only terrain they don't excel in is Mud.

Which wheel: This is a rear-specific tyre. Pair it with an E-Wild Front for an excellent Ebike specific combination.

Rim width: These are designed for wide rims. 30mm internal and larger.

Weight: Approximately 1.22-1.31 kgs.

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