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Maxxis Rekon Tyre

Maxxis Rekon Tyre

Medium Duty Protection
27.5 Inch
Tubeless Compatible:
2.6 Inch
Technical Casing:
EXO Plus
Technical Compound:
3C Maxx Terra
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If you own a plus bike and ride aggressive XC and trail, the Rekon is the tyre for you.

Who's this for: Riders wanting a very versatile and well balanced tyre for the front or rear, depending on your terrain and riding style.

Suggested terrain: The Rekon works great in hardpack, loose over hard, and medium dirt.

Which wheel:

  • Maxx Speed and Dual Compound work best as the front or rear tyre of an aggressive XC or trail bike.
  • Maxx Terra works great for the front of a trail bike, for the extra grip. Also works well as the rear tyre, but Dual Compound lasts longer on the rear.
  • EXO+ casing increases the strength of the tyre, and paired with a tyre insert like Flat Tyre Defender, makes for a super fast but still very tough rear tyre for an aggressive all mountain or enduro bike.

Rim width:

  • 2.4" is only recommended on 27mm rims or wider.
  • 2.6" is only recommended on 30mm rims or wider
  • 2.8" is only recommended on 35mm rims or wider

Skinwall/Dark Tan Wall tyres: Maxxis has made a running change to replace all Skinwall tyres with the Dark Tan sidewalls. During the transition phase, there is a chance that stock from our suppliers may contain a mixture of both sidewall types so you may receive a shade that is different from what you expect. If this does happen please get in touch and we'll do our best to get you sorted with the option you'd prefer ASAP!


                  • 27.5x2.4 Dual Compound, EXO - 740g
                  • 27.5x2.4 Maxx Terra, EXO - 780g
                  • 27.5x2.6 Maxx Terra, EXO - 730g
                  • 27.5x2.6 Dual Compound, EXO - 805g
                  • 27.5x2.6 Maxx Terra, EXO+ - 830g
                  • 27.5x2.8 Dual Compound, EXO - 825g
                  • 27.5x2.8 Maxx Terra, EXO+ - 950g
                  • 29x2.25 Maxx Speed, EXO - 670g
                  • 29x2.4 Dual Compound, EXO - 800g
                  • 29x2.4 Maxx Terra, EXO - 840g
                  • 29x2.6 Dual Compound, EXO - 860g
                  • 29x2.6 Maxx Terra, EXO+ - 890g

                  Pros? Fast, versatile and decent weight for it's strength.

                  Cons? Doesn't brake super well in medium and loose conditions. That does however mean it slides very well, so if you're slap happy, or you're so fast that you don't even need to brake, then it's great!

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