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KMC e10 10 Speed eBike Chain

KMC e10 10 Speed eBike Chain

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The KMC e10 10 Speed eBike Chain features the same high-performance shifting and quiet pedaling as other KMC chains but with extra durability to withstand the high tensile forces of an eBike. With reinforced pins and X-bridge durability it is able to withstand up to a huge 450kg of force. It is also non-directional and comes with a KMC Missing link for easy installation. 

Who's this item for: Perfect for eBike riders or even non-eBike riders wanting a super durable chain.

Number of gears: This is a 10-speed chain.

Weight: Approximately 285gm.

Materials / construction: This is a nickel plated, steel chain.

Pros: Reinforced Rivets with X-bridge technology mean excellent durability.

Cons: It's not the lightest chain around.
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