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Ergon GA2 Lock On Grips

Ergon GA2 Lock On Grips

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Grip Component:
Single Lock On Grips
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Eliminate hand fatigue with Ergon's GA2 lock-on grips!

If you suffer from hand fatigue, you'll love the GA2 grips from Ergon. Utilising an ergonomic design with varying thicknesses, the GA2 eliminates pressure points and offers outstanding damping. Suitable for all-mountain and gravity type riding, these will allow you to ride longer and harder without fatigue.

Who's this item for: Suitable for all-mountain and gravity riding or for anyone that struggles with hand fatigue or arm pump.

Mounting style: These are a single clamp lock-on grip.

Material: The grips make use of a super-soft, UV stable rubber compound that is exclusively manufactured in Germany for Ergon.

Pattern: The grip shape and pattern are ergonomically designed to match the shape of the hand and require less gripping force to hang on.

Features: Right and left specific grips that are ergonomically designed to match the shape of the hand. Single clamp lock-on grip with an inboard aluminium clamp.

Soft / firm: Super soft rubber compound developed and manufactured in Germany.

End caps: These grips don't have end caps as the grip goes all the way to the outer edge.

Diameter: These are the standard version of the GA2 grip and have a 30mm diameter. Check out the fat version if you have larger hands or want more damping from the grip.

Length: 136mm

Weight: 107g per pair

Pros: Ergonomic shape positions your hands at the optimum angle and requires less force to hand on so you should feel fresher and get less arm pump with these grips.

Cons: The ergonomic shape means that you might need to play around with the positioning a bit to ensure that your hands end up in the right spot to comfortably reach your controls.

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