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E-Thirteen Plasma Tyre Sealant

E-Thirteen Plasma Tyre Sealant

1000ml Bottle
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E-Thirteen created tyre plasma after being sick of goopy slop that didn't live up to its claims.

This is a unique mix of acrylic resin with self-linking properties. What does that mean?? It'll quickly and efficiently plug any holes preventing air loss. You can clean it up with water and it's non-toxic too.

Recommended amounts:

26" Tyre up to 2.2" - 100ml

26" Tyre 2.3" or bigger - 110ml

27.5" Tyre 2.3 or bigger - 120ml

29" Tyre up to 2.2" - 110ml

29" Tyre 2.2" or bigger - 120ml

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