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Deity Speedway Carbon Bars

Deity Speedway Carbon Bars

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Handlebar Clamp Diameter
"... your scientists were so preoccupied thinking about whether they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should.'  - Dr Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park, 1993.  ALSO, a whole bunch of carbon handlebar manufacturers, circa 2017.  BUT NOT DEITY!

It's no secret that a stiff bar is a good thing, but not when that stiffness sacrifices comfort and rattles your wrist bones apart.  Deity are firm believers in never creating anything unless it improves a riders experience, so their first foray into the 35mm clamp has been delayed until they nailed it.

Their latest offerings of carbon 35mm clamp bars are just as comfortable and vibration mitigating as their acclaimed 31.8mm bars, but now with the benefits you get from the larger bore.

Who's this for: The Speedway carbon bar is for riders wanting the strongest possible carbon handlebar available.

Material:  Unidirectional carbon fibre.  Textured, non slip surfaces for the grips and the stem.

Width:  810mm

Sweep:  9mm back and 5mm up.

Rise:  30mm rise.

Markings:  10mm cut marks down to 750mm.  Centre alignment marks for the stem.

Bore:  35mm

Weight:  245g

Pros: Supposedly the strongest carbon bars on the market, whilst maintaining fantastic vibration damping control and comfort.

Cons:  Is too strong a bad thing?  Nope.
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