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Cane Creek Double Barrel Air [IL] Climb Switch CS Shock

Cane Creek Double Barrel Air [IL] Climb Switch CS Shock

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Award winning and highly adjustable!

Designed with performance and reliability in mind!  Utilising Cane Creek's LinEair Spring, the DBAIR [IL] combines supple small bump performance with support throughout its travel.  The 2017 models take performance and reliability to the next level!


  • Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits.
  • Climb switch.  Efficiency on the fly. 
  • Adjustments:
    • High-speed compression.
    • Low-speed compression.
    • High-speed rebound.
    • Low-speed rebound.
  • Handbuilt in North Carolina, USA
  • 335 g (165mmx 38mm no hardware)
  • IGUS bushings 1/2" Universal Axle

Available options:

  • 165x38mm - BAD2060
  • 184x44mm - BAD2063
  • 190x50mm - BAD2066
  • 200x50mm - BAD2067
  • 200x57mm - BAD2068
  • 216x63mm - BAD2071
  • 190x40mm Metric - BAD2064
  • 190x45mm Metric - BAD2065
  • 190x50mm Metric - BAD2069
  • 190x55mm Metric - BAD2070


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