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Bell Super Air MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - Gloss Black - Camo

Bell Super Air MIPS Helmet - Matte Black - Gloss Black - Camo

Matte Black - Gloss Black - Camo
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Bell have been the long standing kings of trail friendly helmets with a bit of extra face protection when you need it. The Super R series has been kicking around for half a decade or more.
Well Bell have come along again, and kicked it up a notch! Introducing, the new Bell Super Air!

Who's this for: The Super Air is a lightweight half shell helmet with extended coverage, aimed at the all mountain/Enduro crowd.

Construction: The EPS foam is fusion moulded to the outer shell to create a stronger bond, and therefore a stronger helmet. Progressive layering throughout provides varying EPS densities to better protect from impacts of differing velocity.

Rotational liner: Now HERE is where it gets interesting!! This is one of the first helmets to hit the market to utilise the new Flex Spherical MIPS system. This is basically a second helmet inside your helmet, suspended from the other helmet with a MIPS flexible system. It provides incredible protection from the angular momentum and inertia your brain suffers during rotational impacts.

Straps and closure: Standard buckle and yoke affair.

Retention system: Float Fit, a minimalist, lightweight retention system with a rubber dial. This is integrated within the Flex Spherical MIPS secondary shell.

Ventilation: 18 large bore vents pull cool air along your head, with 4 brow ports sucking it all in at the front as well.

Padding: Sweat Guide padding pulls sweat away from your brow and glasses, avoiding the worst of those drips down your lens.

Extra features: Three position visor allows for excellent glasses and goggle storage. Integrated, breakaway camera mount gives you a great spot to mount an action cam for some sick footage, or a great spot to stick a set of lights for night rides.
While this one doesn't come with a chin bar, you can attach the Air R chinbar to it.

Pros: 6% lighter than the previous Super!!!!! Flex Spherical MIPS, brow ventilation.

Cons: Doesn't come with the chinbar (but you can get it at the link below)
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