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WPL 5 Piece Brush Set

WPL 5 Piece Brush Set

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The WPL Brush Set is designed so you won't miss a single spec of dirt while cleaning your bike. This brush set offers 5 unique brushes that will help you get those hard to reach places other brushes just can't seem to reach. Available as a set or individually to suit your needs.


  • Frame Brush
  • Linkage Brush
  • Tyre Brush
  • Chain Brush
  • Gear Brush


  1. The Frame Brush handles the majority of your bike, cleaning up all the hot spots that are known to collect dirt and grime.
  2. The Tire Brush is designed to clean between the knobs of your tires making sure there is no mud left on the rubber.
  3. The Linkage Brush's sleek design allows you to clean between your linkage and rear suspension with ease.
  4. The Chain Brush wraps closely around your chain, scrubbing it from all angles while your other hand is free to spin the cranks.
  5. The Gear Brush gets into those small hard to reach places on your drivetrain and derailleur to give your bike its final touches.
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