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Wolf Tooth Sustain Reverb Cable Actuator

Wolf Tooth Sustain Reverb Cable Actuator

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Introducing the Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain: The ultimate upgrade for your RockShox Reverb dropper

The Rockshox Reverb is a beautiful post, but the team felt it was somewhat let down by its hydraulic remote. Couple that with the incredible success of the Wolf Tooth ReMote, and the Sustain was born. 

Cable actuated for fuss-free use, and the legendary ergonomics of the ReMote. With this combo, Wolf Tooth has improved tactile feedback, reduced the overall height of the Reverb by a whopping 40mm (compared to connectamajig version) while still leaving all the hydraulic internals of the post itself intact.


  • It's a leak-proof, robust, and low-maintenance mechanical actuation system
  • Easy cable detachment for service or shipping
  • A 40mm (1 5/8in) reduction of in-frame height when compared to Connectamajig-equipped Reverbs
  • Straightforward installation of the intermediate mechanic
  • Reverb Stealth generation A2 and B1 compatibility
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