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Wolf Tooth Stainless Single Speed Cog

Wolf Tooth Stainless Single Speed Cog

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Cassette Fitment

If you are looking for a durable single speed cog, this stainless steel cog from Wolf Tooth is the answer.  

Built from durable 416 stainless steel, this cog also features tall teeth for chain retention and wide 4.5 mm profile to prevent spline wear. If you need a replacement cog and weight isn't an issue, we strongly recommend this product.  


  • Weights:
    • 16T - 30g.
    • 18T - 35g.
    • 20T - 40g.
    • 22T - 46g.
  • Tall teeth for chain retention.
  • 4.5 mm width to prevent spline wear. 
  • Electropolished 416 stainless steel. 
  • Compatible with all chains, although, optimised for 9, 10, and 11-speed chains.  

Please note:  Depending on your frame and wheels, the use of a chain tensioner and/or a freehub spacer kit may be required.  

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