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Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo Pack Pliers

Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo Pack Pliers

Black - Gold Bolt
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Quite possibly one of the coolest tools to date - The Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo Pack Pliers. It's the perfect companion for your multi-tool as it does a heap of things your multi-tool won't. It's got a tyre lever, valve core remover, valve stem lock nut wrench, and master link pliers. It'll also hold 2 x spare master links with the inbuilt magnets. These magnets let the tool self close too. Very cool. It works on 9, 10, 11 or 12 speed chains and works with all brands master links (quick links, power links).

Manufactured in the US of A out of top quality 7075-T6 Alloy and Type II anodised, this bad boy will give many years of service.

It's a compact 116 x 20 x 9mm and tips the scales at a measly 38g.

As they tyre lever is metal, take care with carbon rims.

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