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Wolf Tooth Karv Cam Grips

Wolf Tooth Karv Cam Grips

Grip Component:
Slide On Grips
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The same Karv grips from Wolf Tooth but with the ergonomic "cam" profile. The cam profile includes additional facets that give you extra points of contact for your hands for added grip. Depending on how you place them, they can offer extra support to your fingers or palms, with the benefits of 6.5mm padding everywhere else. The grips themselves are made with a silicone compound, and offer excellent vibration dampening for reduced hand fatigue and finger numbness on longer rides. The tacky texture offers excellent grip in all conditions.

Who's this item for: Designed to be comfortable for the majority of riders. These grips are perfect for any type of riding where comfort over long hours on the pedals is key, such as endurance, XC, or bike trekking.

Mounting style: These are slip on grips.

Material: The grips are made from a duel-density silicone compound.

Pattern: They feature a tacky texture, for excellent squishy grip in all conditions, with or without gloves.

Soft / firm: These are soft grips, and conform to your hand over long rides.

End caps: Includes 2 plastic bar end plugs.

Diameter: Wolf Tooth's medium thickness grip, they feature a 32mm installed diameter with a 6.5mm uninstalled wall thickness.

Length: 135mm long.

Weight: Weigh 56gm.

What's in the box:
  • 2 x Wolf Tooth Karv Cam Grips.
  • 2 x Plastic bar end caps featuring Wolf Tooth logo.
Pros: Super grippy and offer reduced hand fatigue over longer rides. Tunable comfort with the cam profile.

Cons: May wear slightly faster than harder compound grips.
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