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Wolf Tooth Dropper ReMote Spare Parts

Wolf Tooth Dropper ReMote Spare Parts

Magura Brakes Conversion Kit
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Replacement parts for Wolf Tooth's ReMote lever.

Rather than replacing the whole lever, Wolf Tooth sells individual parts. If you damage parts in a crash or swap components, buying individual parts will save you money.

  • ReMote Axle. This part was designed to break in the event of a crash to prevent more severe damage.
  • IS-AB Conversion kit. Designed for use with Shimano I-Spec A or B brakes.
  • IS-II Conversion. For Shimano I-Spec II.
  • IS-EV Conversion Kit. Suits new Shimano 12 speed.
  • Match Maker Conversion and hardware. For SRAM brakes that use Match Maker clamps.
  • Cable Clamping bolt. These are easy to lose.
  • Barrel adjuster.
  • Replacement Bearing
  • 22mm Handlebar clamp. If you aren't sharing a mount with a brake. For all 22.2 diameter clamping surfaces.
  • Light Action Lever Blade - Replacement lever blade that is 10mm longer than the standard. (you can change a standard remote to a light action by using this)
  • Standard Lever Blade - Replacement standard length lever blade (if you've got a light action remote and want a lever that is 10mm shorter - you can use this)
  • 31.8mm Clamp - Perfect for putting your remote on a CX/Gravel bike where it is clamping at the fat 31.8mm part of the bar (beside the stem)
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