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Wolf Tooth Dropper ReMote Lever

Wolf Tooth Dropper ReMote Lever

Light Action
Mounting Type:
Shimano I-Spec II
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Finally, you can get a top-shelf dropper remote for your top shelf dropper. For a long time, the engineers at Wolf Tooth have been thinking that the humble dropper post remote could be improved. As with all Wolf Tooth components, every single piece of the remote has been optimised to give the best possible operation. After 23 prototypes and 1000's of hours of field testing, the Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Lever is the answer to many mechanics and riders pain.

Features include:

  • Sealed Bearing Lever - A first in the world of dropper post remotes. The lever spins smoothly on a gigantic 21mm sealed bearing. This reduces thumb fatigue on huge enduro races and provides the best lever feel and modulation in the game.
  • UpFront Cable Fixing - The dropper cable is secured at the lever. This makes setup and installation a breeze.
  • Cable-Kind Clamp - Most remote levers use a grub screw which squashes the cable (and generally makes a mess of it!) The ReMote lever uses a precisely machined path for the cable to follow and is then secured by a clamping screw with a captive nut (similar to how most derailleur cable clamps work). Wolf Tooth score bonus points by allowing you to pre-cut and crimp the cable prior to locking it down.
  • Integrates Into Your Existing Brake Levers - Sram and Shimano brake users rejoice. The ReMote is available to suit either I-Spec A or B, I Spec II or Sram/Avid's MatchMaker X Brakes. You can also get a version to mount directly onto the bars shortly.
  • Low Profile Lever - The dropper lever itself sits up nice and close to the bar - right in position for your thumb to hit it with minimal movement. This also reduces the chances of it hitting your knee or your shorts getting caught on it.
  • Integrated Cable Adjustment - The barrel style adjuster is firmly mounted into the ReMote's body and makes on the fly adjustments a breeze. It also won't rattle around as some inline adjusters can.
  • Breakaway Axle Pivot - Crashes are bad enough without the hip pocket pain once something breaks. The team has thought of this and engineered a failure point where the lever can break away from its base in the event of a big crash.
  • Grippy Lever Surface - This just makes sense! The surface that your thumb pushes on to operate the dropper has grippy machined grooves in it so your finger isn't going to be sliding around trying to push the button. Perfect for when conditions take a turn for the worse
  • Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum with a Delrin axle.
  • No cable or outer included. These will need to be purchased separately.
  • Compatibility - The ReMote has been tested and works a treat on All KS, All Thomson, Fox Transfer, RaceFace, Easton, All Specialized Command, Gravity Dropper, 9 Point 8 Fall Line and Giant Contact droppers.
  • Works with dropper posts that have the barrel end of the cable at the remote and those that have the barrel end at the post.
  • If the barrel is normally at the remote, simply clip the barrel off and the cable will be "pinched" at both the post and the remote (no barrel needed)

There are 2 different lever lengths:

  • Standard Action: Uses a short lever
  • Light Action: Uses a longer lever.

For which lever works best on which post, see the chart in the images.

If your post is not listed in the chart, measure from the pivot centre to the end of your current lever. If it is greater than 52mm the Light Action will work best. If it is less than 52mm, the Standard Remote will work best.

USA Made - over 65% of the ReMote and its packaging are made in the USA.


  • Shimano I-Spec A - Shimano I-Spec B - Includes all required hardware for either I-Spec A or B too. Weighs just 31g
  • Shimano I-Spec II - Includes IS-II Hardware. Weighs Just 33g
  • Shimano I-Spec EV - To suit Shimano 12 speed. Includes IS-EV hardware - weighs 35g
  • SRAM/Avid MatchMaker X - Includes the MatchMaker X hardware consisting of a T-Nut and bolt. Weighs just 42g
  • Hope - to suit all modern Hope brakes. Weighs just 36g
  • 22.2mm Handlebar Clamp - includes hinged handlebar clamp for clamping onto the 22.2mm part of the bar (the same diameter as the grips/brake/ shifter. Weighs just 50g
  • 31.8mm Handlebar Clamp - Specifically for CX / Gravel bikes where the remote is going on the "fat" part of the bar near the stem. (For MTB's - use the 22.2mm version even if they have a 31.8mm clamp zone)

Does not come with a cable or outer included.

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