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Wolf Tooth Axle Trainer Cap

Wolf Tooth Axle Trainer Cap

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The Wolf Tooth Axle Trainer Caps allow you to use your Wolf Tooth Rear Axle in conjunction with most wind, fluid or magnetic bike trainers. Even in (parts of) Australia we see cold, foul weather and if you want to keep the KM's up in your legs that generally means time on the trainer.

Who's this item for: Riders who want to use their Wolf Tooth Rear Axle equipped MTB's on a trainer. 

Axle compatibility: These axle caps will ONLY work with Wolf Tooth Rear Axles.

Bike compatibility: The Axle Caps are compatible with most bikes but a few have jumped out screaming they 'aren't going to play the game'.  The current list of non-compatible bikes are: 
  • Santa Cruz bikes: Nomad 2014 to present, Hightower 2016 to present, Blur 2018 to present, 5010 2019 to present.
Materials: The Axle Caps are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminium.

Weight: 12-grams.

Tool Interface: The drive side plug uses an O-ring for retention, thus no tool is required. The non-drive side axle cap is threaded and requires an 8mm hex key for installation and removal.

What's in the box: Drive side plug with installed retention O-ring. Non-drive side threaded axle cap.

Pros: This allows you to set up your MTB on a trainer for those bad weather gains.

Cons: Only compatible with Wolf Tooth Axles.
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