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Wheels Manufacturing PF30 Outboard Conversion Bottom Bracket

Wheels Manufacturing PF30 Outboard Conversion Bottom Bracket

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BB Axle Size
BB Frame Fitment

Simply the best way to convert your PF30 frame to accept standard 24mm or GXP style stepped 24/22mm axle cranks.

The beauty of this system over using an adaptor is that the two aluminium cups thread into each other so they lock onto the frame. This offers an extremely secure connection whilst virtually eliminating the chance of the dreaded press fit creak.

They install with 2 x standard 44mm external bottom bracket tools, so are significantly easier to install/remove than a normal pressed in option. Bearing replacement is very quick job on these too.


Frame - Fits into a 46mm Non-Threaded Bottom Bracket Shell. This can be called either Press Fit 30 (PF30) or Specialized OSBB.

BB Axle Size:

  • 24mm - This suits Shimano cranks with a straight 24mm spindle (also fits some FSA, Raceface and more).
  • 24mm-22mm GXP Stepped - This suits cranks with SRAM's GXP spindle that steps down from 24mm down to 22mm (also fits Truvativ and some FSA Mega Exo).
  • 28.99mm DUB - This suits SRAM DUB cranks with a 28.99mm spindle.

Installation: One of the cups will need to be pressed into the BB shell and then the other cup will thread into it to lock it in place, eliminating creaks. The first cup can often be easily pressed in by hand, but if the fit is tight and/or it appears that the cup is not aligning properly you will need to press it in with a BB press.

External BB Tools required for installation:

  • 44mm, 16 notch: GXP (older SRAM), 24mm (Shimano etc) 
  • 48.5mm, 16 notch: DUB (new SRAM), 30mm (Raceface, Hope)

Bearing options:

Standard Bearings - These run Enduro ABEC 3 Sealed bearings. High precision balls are within 10/1,000,000" round. Races are hardened to R-62 and polished to a mirror finish with ABEC 3 certification for tolerance and noise.

AC Bearings - Angular Contact Bearings - Made by Enduro, these are specifically designed for Hub or BB applications. A standard radial bearing will typically only have 3 or 4 bearings making contact under load. While Angular Contact bearings ensure that all balls are engaged. This spreads the load over a larger surface area and decreases friction and minimises wear. The balls in AC bearings are withing 5/1,000,00" round. This is military specification. They also have Nylon and Graphite ball retainers that are virtually frictionless and the bearings are filled with Rheolube - a special synthetic grease formulated in the USA. LLB Dual lip groove seals on the bearings ensure they remain clean and working at their best. There is also an additional dual lipped seal on both sides on the outside of the bearing (not pictured) for ultimate protection. 


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