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Wera Click-Torque C2 Push R-L Torque Wrench 20-100nm

Wera Click-Torque C2 Push R-L Torque Wrench 20-100nm

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Wera makes exceptional quality innovative tools driven by questioning what we consider normal or acceptable. While these are professional-level tools, they are packed full of features that any budding bike mechanic will appreciate.

The Click-Torque C2 Push R/L torque wrench is a 1/2" drive socket torque wrench with the ability to provide toque reading in either direction thanks to a unique 1/2" drive head that can be pushed through the tool so as to be used on either side. Capable of measuring 20-100Nm ±3% according to the relevant international engineering standard, with an audible and tactile click on reaching your desired torque value. The torque value dial is indexed to help set and maintain your settings and the large display indicates the current value in lb/ft and Nm on both coarse and fine scales.

Who's this item for: Home mechanics through to professional mechanics will appreciate the quality and features of the Click-Torque C2 Push R/L torque wrench. The longer length and higher torque range make this ideal for suspension and crank bolts.

What does it include: Just the torque wrench with 1/2" drive. You'll need to get some 1/2" sockets and bits seperately.

Driver size: Did we mention it's a 1/2" drive...

Dimensions and Weight: 405mm long, 47mm diameter at the clock, 43mm across the head and 18mm deep at the head (not including square drive) the Click-Torque C2 Push R/L torque wrench weighs 1240g

Materials: Not stated buy Wera, but we suspect a mix of Chrome Vanadium and High Carbon Steel with a plastic handle.

Torque range: 22 to 100Nm ±3%

Display: A nice large display clearly shows the current torque value in lb/ft and Nm in a coarse and fine window.

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