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Wera 950-9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 L-Key Hex Key Set With Holding Function

Wera 950-9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 L-Key Hex Key Set With Holding Function

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Wera makes exceptional quality innovative tools driven by questioning what we consider normal or acceptable. While these are professional-level tools, they are packed full of features that any budding bike mechanic will appreciate.

The 950/9 Hex-Plus Multi-colour HF 1 L-Key set offers premium, high strength Hex L-Keys with Wera's unique Hex-Plus profile that is said to increase the surface area of contact between the tool and Hex socket preventing damage and allowing up to 20% more torque to be applied. The unique 'Holding Function' of the HF series of Hex (3mm and above) L-Keys holds the screw or bolt to the tool making it easy to insert it into hard to access places or blind holes. These tools also feature a spherical ball tip for occasions where access is limited and you have to screw 'around the corner'.

The colour coded plastic sleeves not only make it easy to identify each tool, but they make working in the cold a little more pleasant, and the tool markings are clear and wear-resistant. Having tools with a round profile also makes for better comfort and less fatigue when using them for extended periods.

The durable moulded plastic clip carrier allows you to securely store your hexes and opens to give you convenient access to them when you need them.

Who's this item for: Home mechanics through to professional mechanics will appreciate the quality and features of the Wera 950/9 Hex-Plus Multi-colour HF 1 L-Key set.

How many tools: There are 9 tools in a durable moulded plastic clip carrier.

What does it include: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm Hex, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm HF Hex. Plastic Clip-open carrier.

Size: 228mm x 105mm x 24mm

Weight: 655g

Materials: High carbon tool steel, plastic handle wrap, moulded plastic clip carrier.

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