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Vorsprung Smashpot Main Coil Spring

Vorsprung Smashpot Main Coil Spring

80 lbs-in
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So what exactly is the Vorsprung Smashpot? The Smashpot is a fork coil conversion system specifically designed for singlecrown enduro forks. This system encourages you to RUN OVER EVERYTHING (or at least try.) If by chance you do find the bottom of your travel the SmashPot features an externally adjustable hydraulic anti-bottoming technology. This delivers just the right amount of bottoming resistance, exactly when you need it.

The Vorsprung Smashpot Spring is one of three necessary pieces to the Vorsprung SmashPot coil spring conversion system. Available in a wide range of rates you'll definitely be able to fine tune your forks ride!

Who this for: Riders who want to install the Vorsprung Smashpot into their fork. Or riders who already have a SmashPot but need a stiffer or softer spring.

What forks does it suit:
  • RockShox Pike - Available for all 35mm Pikes in 27.5" and 29" from MY2014 onwards in Boost and non-Boost. 29" forks need to use the included adaptor to lengthen the top cap. No fitment for 26".
  • RockShox Revelation - All 35mm versions of the Revelation from MY2018 onwards.
  • RockShox Lyrik/Yari - All versions of the Lyrik & Yari from MY2016 onwards.
  • Fox 36 - All versions of the 36 from MY2015 onwards EXCEPT Pedelec e-bike specific forks. IMPORTANT: Check your fork's maximum permissible travel if attempting to run your fork with the Smashpot over 160mm if this is more travel than it currently has.
  • Marzocchi Z1 - All versions of the Marzocchi Z1 from 2019 onwards.

Pros: Adaptable to many forks. Lots of different spring rates available.

Cons: Sometimes you end up having a spring for Maydena and a different spring for the Gap Creek.

*** This is only for the Vorsprung Smashpot Spring - Top Cap and Universal Kit are sold separately***
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